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Dr. Jimmy Avery,  Extension Professor
Extension Service Programs

The mission of the NWAC is to provide solutions to the most pressing problems of the aquaculture industry. As NWAC scientists generate new technology and information, NWAC extension activities focus on the dissemination of research-based information to the aquaculture industry. While all NWAC personnel are accessible to the regions aquaculture producers, the Center has 3.25 full time professionals responsible for developing educational programs that can be delivered by utilizing the latest technology and teaching techniques. 

Workshops are held to provide producers with hands-on training as well as classroom style instruction. Farmers are given personalized training on oxygen monitoring equipment, conducting water quality analysis, identifying phytoplankton responsible for off-flavor compounds, and computer training on the latest version of a catfish inventory program (FISHY). Special seminar programs are routinely presented on various topics such as hatchery management, off-flavor, fish nutrition, genetics, and start-up considerations. On-farm visits for site-specific advice continue to be a vital teaching technique. Farmer interactions and demonstration projects have proven an efficient method of demonstrating the benefits of various disease management techniques.

An important component of the role of extension is to bring research needs as expressed by clientele to the attention of NWAC scientists. Research needs are gathered from advisory committees, commodity boards, extension field staff, and representatives from industry infrastructure.

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David Wise making workshop presentations.

WQWork2.jpg (16231 bytes)    Water
held at
Delta Reseach
and Extension
PondDem2.jpg (360409 bytes) Demonstration
of new grading equipment on commercial facility.
media3-2.jpg (76287 bytes) Presentation to local news media.

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